Welcome to Ithaca's Friendly Housing for Families, Professors, and Scholars

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Benefits of Living Here:

Quiet, family friendly neighborhood, two blocks from Fall Creek school. Perfect for community-minded, considerate people who like to actually know their neighbors.

All apartments feature new windows, plumbing, electrical, and lighting. Nearly all rooms are brightly lit by overhead ceiling fan/light fixtures. Hot water and heat are provided by the landlord via a new boiler system. Pressure is excellent and hot water comes nearly instantly everywhere due to a circulation pump. All apartments have their own thermostat controls. Heat is efficiently provided by hot water baseboards and some radiators.

Laundry is shared by all and is free and is located in the basement of the main house. The machines are high capacity luxury machines capable of washing sleeping bags and blankets. We even provide laundry detergent.

High speed Internet is also provided by the landlord.

811 North Tioga Street
Phone: (607) 220-4006 day or evening

Click on this paragraph to see the Google reviews of 811 N. Tioga St Apartments. Note that these same reviews are also available on Google, but you have to search them for yourself. For some reason Google wants to make sure that no hyperlink can ever be distributed that allows a user to go directly to a set of reviews. We work very hard to provide great customer service and value our resident's opinions greatly!

Warning: Apartments one and two have huge and fantastic balconies. Fall Creek is mostly populated by families, retired people, quiet professionals, and graduate students. Our neighbors, who are often good friends with our tenants, will call the police if our tenants violate noise ordinances. If you are the type of tenants who like to party outside, or inside with open windows spilling loud music out onto the neighbors, please choose one of the other neighborhoods that is well suited for that lifestyle.

Apartment 2

This apartment is a 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath apartment, approximately 1300 square feet + balconies. This apartment is the second floor of the main house in the quiet, residential, Fall Creek area below Cornell. There are three bedrooms, plus a living/dining room, and an extra room. We suggest that housemates split the rent unevenly in this apartment as follows:

The giant bedroom with exclusive access to the balcony: $850
The larger bedroom (large enough for a full or queen bed and a desk and dresser): $700
The smaller bedroom (a little tight for a full or queen bed, a desk and a dresser): $650

If one person, likely the person with the smaller bedroom, wants to use the extra room as an office, they should pay an extra $100, and the other two housemates should pay $50 less.

This apartment has hardwood floors, a tiled bathroom, and a massive stainless steel restaurant sink and steel prep table. There is a side-by-side fridge.

There is a full bath and a half bath. Provided furniture is plentiful.

This year (2016) apartment 2 is coming open early in June, and we are willing to consider short-term vacation rentals, short-term leases, or 10, 12, or even 14-month leases. Some of those options involve higher rent, especially the short-term options.

Apartment 1

This apartment is a 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath apartment, approximately 1300 square feet. One bedroom is small but has a fantastic huge loft. The other two bedrooms are medium size and the living room, dining room, and kitchen are large. The huge kitchen offers marble countertops, and all new appliances including dishwasher, disposal, 1 or more fridges, gas range and oven, cooking vent and microwave. This apartment is old world style, with plaster walls, chestnut hardwood trim, and beautiful antique hardwood floors. The apartment is recently painted, and has new bathrooms with elongated high-end toilets and a tiled shower-bathtub with sliding glass doors. There is a large covered front porch with a ceiling fan (for quiet, non-smoking relaxation).

Apartment 1 is occupied by the Thomas, who looks after 811 N. Tioga. There is space for two additional housemates at a rental rate of $650 each. This apartment is usually our cleanest and neatest, and is nicely furnished.

Apartment B - Luxury Two-Suite Apartment in Quiet, Historic Carriage House!

Great for two couples, individuals, or for a family (or two very small families). When we renovated the carriage house at 811 N. Tioga Street, we turned a kitchen and a living room into bedrooms. The old bedrooms are attached to those, so now there are two suites in the apartment. Between the suites is a family room with an enormous closet to supplement the closets in the bedrooms. That is all on the second floor. The first floor is about the same size as the second floor, but it is mostly just one giant kitchen-dining-living room. There is a long skinny office on the first floor (we're not allowed to call it a bedroom). The is also an extra bathroom on the first floor.

If you like to cook, but don't want to mow a lawn, this place is for you! Our property has no grass, just a paved courtyard between the house and carriage house. There are bike racks for all, and a shared washer and dryer in the basement. These are the high-capacity luxury machines, and they are free for our residents. We even provide the soap! We pay all other utilities too, including high-speed internet.

As you can see from the pictures, this apartment is heaven for those who like hardwood and porcelain tile. The entryway is crowned by massive posts and beams, leading into a giant great room that is tiled wall-to-wall with elegant porcelain. Note the massive two-bay stainless steel commercial sink with sideboards and overhead pot sprayer, dual large fridges, and high end stove and dishwasher. Restored wide plank pine provides much of the second story flooring. There are barn-style Z doors recovered from a restaurant for one of the suites.

This apartment rents for $2200 per month including all utilities. This apartment is ideal for serious academics with small families, couples, or room-mates who are very serious about their work. There are many excellent study spaces in this apartment. Nearly all of our tenants are either academic families or PhD candidates. Note that this is a residential neighborhood, and noisy undergraduate students often find the neighbors oppressive in terms of noise intolerance.

The next availability for apartment B is expected in late Spring / early Summer 2017.

Apartment A

This was built to be the owner's luxury apartment. Hardwood floors throughout, including wide-plank restored pine. Hardwood walls in many cases, and tons of solid wood built in shelving. Massive commercial kitchen sink, side-by-side fridge, plus half size fridge. Every room is wired with jacks for telephone, cable television, and cat-6 state-of-the-art hard-wired high-speed Internet (wireless to be provided with cable service). The great room (kitchen/dining/living room) is about 38 feet long, and is wired for home theatre.

There is a half bath downstairs, and a full bath upstairs. There are 3 bedrooms and an office space upstairs plus a long, narrow extra room downstairs. There is also a living room/ kitchen area downstairs. $2220 includes all utilities. This apartment is ideal for serious academics with small families, or graduate students who are very serious about their work. This apartment is part of a friendly 6 apartment complex, comprised of a main house and a carriage house. This apartment is one half of the carriage house. The other half is occupied by the landlord.

The apartment manager lives on-site and is a carpenter. During your stay, repairs will be made immediately, and improvements can be requested and installed on a case-by-case basis. This apartment is intended to be luxury living at its best.

Note: There is no carpet or vinyl flooring in this allergy sensitive clean-air apartment.

Apartment 3

Apartment 3 is a 3-bedroom, 1.75-bathroom apartment, about 1500 square feet. Apartment 3 has a lot of small rooms with slanted ceilings as it is on the top floor of the apartment house at 811. This is good apartment for those who like unusual spaces.

This apartment is currently comprised of two apartments, a one-bedroom and a two-bedroom. The bathroom for the one-bedroom is accessed by crossing the hallway to the two-bedroom. By combining the apartments, we are eliminating this strange aspect of the one-bedroom, and allowing better use and security regarding the hallways leading to apartment 3.

We will retain the two fully equipped kitchens (fridges, dishwashers, and garbage disposals), and there are actually three additional rooms and some closets in addition to the 3 bedrooms.

The rent is $2200 for the whole apartment. We expect housemates in apartment 3 to split the rent unevenly, at $625 for each of the bedrooms from the original two-bedroom apartment, and $900 for the large living-room bedroom area from the single bedroom apartment. The first four pictures above are from the one-bedroom side, and the other five pictures are from the 2-bedroom side.